Creole Night

Creole Night at Iloha Seaview Hotel every Friday

In a friendly and warm atmosphere, discover the music, colours and all the traditional flavours of the Indian Ocean.

We meet you every Friday for a creole evening at the Kotémer restaurant. Your evening begin with a tasting of rum ‘arrangé’. You will enjoy a buffet with various regional specialties.
Price: 34€ per adult and 16€  per child. (below 13 years old)

Soak up the typical atmosphere of Reunion. Dancers in traditional dress and musicians will set the beat with the catchy and popular music of Reunion.

Throughout its history, Reunion has always experienced a unique cultural mix. The common voice of this cultural blend is not only the Creole language, but also our traditional music and dances called Sega and Maloya. These two genres originated from the chants of African and Malagasy slaves, accompanied by local instruments such as the kayamb, bobre, roulèr, or pikèr. Maloya music was awarded the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO back in October 2009.

The island’s melting-pot culture is also reflected in the cuisine, which draws on the culinary traditions of various ethnic groups who make up the island’s population.

Local specialties include palm heart salad or gratin, ‘carri’ cooked over a wood fire, which can be made with chicken, pork, fish or shrimp, rougail saucisses, smoked jackfruit, duck à la vanille, goat masala and stewed octopus. These dishes are served with rice, beans (such as the famous lentils of Cilaos), rougail (spicy accompaniment), and of course, a punch or rum ‘arrangé’.

Reunion has such a wealth of riches to discover! So, see you every Friday evening at the Iloha Seaview Hotel’s Creole Night.

All evenings are also open to non-residents, by reservation only.