The bar & ice cream parlour

Enjoy delicious cocktail at the hotel bar, ILOHA Seaview Hotel 3*, Reunion island

Taste our delicious cocktails with a panoramic view of the bay of Saint-Leu.


As the central point of the ILOHA Seaview Hotel, the bar is located next to the main swimming pool and is the ideal place to enjoy Reunionese rum cocktails and fresh seasonal fruit juices. You can also enjoy our classic coffee-based drinks: either with whipped cream and chocolate or as a cocktail made with rum, brandy or amaretto.

Enjoy the lounge area, complete with pool table. Between two drinks, guests can come in to enjoy some peace and quiet and have a look at our amazing collection of rum.

During the week, there are several activities organised by the bar staff, such as learning the secrets of making rum ‘arrangé’ and a wine-tasting of South African wines. To be drank in moderation, of course…

Extra activities

Learn about the secret of making rum ‘arrangé’

Rum arrangé is a flavoured rum, the result of added several various fruits, herbs and spices to white Reunionese rum and leaving it to macerate for several months. All flavours have come from local produce.

You can taste the many different types of these aromatic rums at the bar.

Learn all about South African wines

Just a few hours from Reunion Island, South Africa produces some wines which are both surprising and carry rich aromas. Uva Mira (a Sauvignon Blanc) or a Pinotage rosé are just two of the grapes which have made this country’s reputation for wine-making.

Every week, we organise a wine-tasting of South African wines in the hotel bar, best appreciated when drunk in moderation.

Delicious home-made ice cream made using local flavours…


Our homemade ice cream is the perfect way to discover the flavours of typical Reunionese fruits: strawberry guava, tangor, mango, lychee, dragon fruit or Victoria pineapple.

For those who prefer more classic and traditional flavours, chocolate, vanilla, coffee or strawberry are also on offer.

Guests can enjoy original sundaes or choose your own ingredients and flavours to suit your taste.

And for your topping why not try our delicious homemade whipped cream, fresh fruit or homemade macaroons to go with your refreshing ice cream.

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