Iloha Seaview Hotel’s Wellness Spa

At Cas’Akéa, we blend beauty and serenity in a cosy atmosphere which will awaken your senses and provide you a great pleasure.


Inspired by a thousand years of treatment for the body and soul around the world. The refined and perfumed atmosphere of Cas’Akéa will provide you a moment of pure bliss. An exotic travel blending all the natural treasures of the Indian Ocean: coconut, ylang-ylang from Mayotte, vanilla from Madagascar and vetiver from Reunion.

Treatments collection
Wellness treatment at iloha Seaview Hotel, 3 stars hotel in Reunion Island


50 mins

A relaxing full body treatment, inspired by Asian massage techniques; soft but deep and adapted to your needs. You can choose the oil with the fragrance you prefer, or our ‘Secret Spa’ massage oil, sure to charm your senses. A ritual with warm scented towels.


Zen Equilibre

30 mins

Exclusively on the face and the head, this relaxing wellness treatment is a real gem, relieving you of all tension and stress, and sweeping you away on a truly sensual journey.


Terre-Ciel (Heaven & Earth)

50 mins

This wellness treatment for face, head, arms and hands (heaven) and feet and lower legs (earth) offers a whole wealth of sensations. Say goodbye to stress with this recentering wellness treatment which focuses on the two extremes of the body. The ritual of using warm towels serves to enhance that feeling of ‘letting go’ which this treatment provides. 


Mineral massage with semi-precious stones

50 mins

Discover the energy of semi-precious stones from Madagascar and polished marble pebbles from Bali. The warm softness of the oils and the freshness of the stones will stimulate your energy centres as the stones glide across your body for a sensation of endless relaxation. A ritual with warm scented towels. 



30 mins

Put the world on hold with this very relaxing upper body treatment (back, shoulders, arms, hands, face and head). A pure moment of fulfilment…


Candle Touch

50 mins

Sensuality is encompassed with this cocooning treatment. A lighted, scented candle, senses awakened, and natural vegetal wax, which caresses your skin; a gentle feeling takes over your body, and as if my magic, the liquid wax becomes massage oil, hot and scented. Treatment with hot towels. A moment of escape…


The Spa Spirit

50 mins, for 2 people

Happiness is always better shared…
Full body massage and flower bath. A ritual with warm scented towels.



Relax Coco


This customized relaxation treatment is recommended either before or after exercise to help unwind and relax your muscles. It includes a 45-min body massage, followed by a ritual with warm scented towels and a regenerating coconut milk bath.


The Newlywed Ritual

1h20, for couples

Either a mineral massage with semi-precious stones or the Akéa Treatment according to your preference, with a fresh fruit cocktail or glass of champagne to share in a bath of flowers, and a ritual with warm scented towels. An Akéa gift for newlyweds.


The Sublime Organic Akéa Face Treatment


The must of organic face care: personalized treatment according to your skin type, with massage and pampering. 1hr20 of happiness to cultivate your inner garden of beauty.


Akéa Hand Treatment

50 mins

A manicure combined with a relaxing massage: local brown sugar scrub, moisturizing and relaxing massage, and a manicure with classic or semi-permanent nail varnish, depending on your choice.

Classic : €50
Semi-permanent : €65

The Organic Akéa Velvet Face Treatment

50 mins

A full facial for a bright and radiant complexion. 50 minutes of personalized treatment according to your skin type, with precious nourishing and hydrating active ingredients to make your skin sublime. 


Akéa Foot Beauty Treatment


A complete foot beauty treatment, with many extras: foot bath, local brown sugar scrub, relaxing massage, pedicure with classic or semi-permanent nail polish, depending on your choice.

Classic : €70
emi-permanent : €85 

The Cas’Akea relaxing Deal

For the non-residents

Access to the swimming pool from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (towel lend)
Lunch starter + main course or main course + dessert
At Kotémer from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., Monday to Friday.
1 Drink (water, virgin cocktail of the day or soda)
A 50-minute AKEA massage.
By reservation only


Hotel residents can enjoy this package for €120

Card for 5 treatments 


To be chosen from the category of treatments under 50 minutes.
Non-transferable and valid for 1 year.


Card for 10 treatments

To be chosen from the category of treatments under 50 minutes.
Non-transferable and valid for 1 year.


” Cas’Akéa invites you to escape…
Let yourself be carried away by the tranquility, with the voluptuous sensation of lightness and well-being.”

‘Secret de Spa’

This unique fragrance is exclusive to the Akéa Spa, and will take you on a journey of the senses across the Indian Ocean, transporting you to the secret and enchanted gardens of a thousand aromas.

Useful info

The Cas’Akéa is accessible to people who are not hotel residents. If you are staying at Iloha, we recommend you to book your treatment along with your accommodation.


Treatment on offer

We provide no medical or para-medical treatment. Our services are all about wellness and an awakening of the senses, where the term ‘body massage’ is used to describe techniques which are carried out according to ancient rituals from cultures all over the world.

Rules & conditions

Access to Cas’Akéa is for adults only. The Cas’Akea space is a place of tranquillity and serenity, and it is therefore important not to disturb the peace and quiet. It is compulsory to wear disposable underwear during treatment.

Bookings / cancellations

Your treatment will start at the time given when reserving. We therefore recommend that you arrive a few minutes before. Any delay will be deducted from the duration of your treatment, or if you are too late, this may even lead to cancellation so as not to disrupt the reservations of other guests. If you contact us at Cas’Akéa 24 hours before your treatment, you may cancel without any charge. Last minute cancellations (less than 4 hours) will be charged at 50%.

  • Open daily

    From 9am to 7pm


  • +262 (0) 262 44 44 40