Health and safety protocol

The health and safety of our customers, employees and partners are our priority, which is why Iloha and its teams have implemented additional measures to prevent health risks in connection with the covid-19 crisis and in accordance with the recommendations of the health services.

Barrier gestures

  • Hydroalcoholic gels are available to our guests at the front office, the restaurants and the Cas’Akea wellness area.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory for all of our guests and associates, when walking around the hotel.
  • Social distancing rules apply (1 meter between 2 tables, no more than 10 persons per table…)
  • Protective equipment and signage are present at the front office (protective glass, markings on the floor and signage to encourage barrier gestures and social distancing)
  • The number of persons is limited in each area.
  • The menus are available in digital version by scanning a QR code.
  • The access to the breakfast buffet is organized by our team in order to respect as much as possible social distancing and minimize the risks of contamination.
  • To limit physical contacts, we encourage our hosts to use our online concierge application « Lounge Up »
  • The resting areas around the pools have been arranged in order to ensure social distancing.


Payment management

  • Contactless payment methods are encouraged (pre-payment, bank transfer,…)
  • The payment terminal is systematically disinfected before and after handling.


Cleaning and disinfection rules

  • A cleaning and disinfection plan is established according to the different areas and equipment to be treated.
  • The linen is washed at a suitable temperature to eliminate the covid19.
  • The cleaning frequency of the surfaces, equipment, utensils and supports is increased. (tables and chairs are cleaned after each guest departure, cleaning of door handles, toilets, etc.)


Management monitoring

  • Iloha’s management teams ensure that the rules and protocols are well respected and are in line with the sanitary requirements.
  • In case of non-compliance, they remind the instructions to the concerned persons and follow-up with the good application. These reminders give the priority to the learning of good practices and the support of the employees.

Management commitment 

  • The management appoints a representative in each service. This representative ensures that the latest up to date practices are applied within the establishment.
  • The management provides the means necessary to ensure the control of the covid 19 risk.
  • The management makes a daily update with its representatives to ensure the smooth application of the practices and adjust them if necessary.

Communication of rules and practices

  • A guide specifies the operating procedures which must be followed by the personnel in each service to ensure barrier gestures, hygiene rules, physical distance and the management of suspicious cases.
  • The teams are trained to apply the health protocol.

Social distancing within the teams

  • All team members wear an appropriate mask.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is reinforced in the kitchen and in the restaurant. Hand washing and cleaning of the surfaces are reinforced.
  • Traffic rules in the work areas are clearly defined.

Hygiene rules

  • The frequency of hand washing is increased.
  • Measures are put in place in order to limit the risks of contamination during deliveries (laundry, food products, etc.) and when products are taken out (linen, waste disposal…)
  • The delivered products (except from fresh products) are cleaned on a dedicated area before being stored.
  • Incoming and outgoing flows do not cross each other.
  • Any employee at home presenting symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing is invited not to go to his workplace and to consult a doctor without delay, to be screened on prescription and isolate himself .
  • Any employee presenting the same symptoms at work must immediately report them to his manager, a lifeguard first aid worker (OHS) or to a hotel health and safety representative.
  • Hosts are also encouraged to do the same and report it immediately to hotel staff.
  • The person is then isolated in a dedicated room (meeting room) with immediate application of barrier gestures, keeping a reasonable distance of at least 1-meter with the representative person (manager or health and safety representative) accompanying him/her in this room. Wearing a mask is mandatory for both persons. The representative remains with him/her for the entire duration of the process.
  • In the absence of any severe symptom, the employee or the client concerned is asked to contact their doctor for medical advice. If the absence of any severe symptom is confirmed, his/her way back home is organized avoiding public transport. The occupational health service is systematically informed if the case concerns an associate.
  • If there is any sign of severe symptom (for example respiratory distress), the SAMU (15) is immediately contacted by our teams.
    After the person is taken in charge by the health services, a complete cleaning and disinfection of the space used for isolation is immediately carried out.